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Embrace Real-Time FedNow® and Zelle® Transactions with Seamless API Integration

FedNow® and Zelle® in Numbers:

$629 Billion in Zelle® Spending: In 2022, US consumers spent a staggering $629 billion via Zelle®, marking a remarkable 28% year-over-year growth from the previous year. The trend is clear—Zelle® is a powerhouse in the world of digital transactions.

Widespread Consumer Access: With 82.7% of US adults and a staggering 98.4% of those in the top 35% wealth percentile having access to Zelle® in their banking app, this payment method has become a ubiquitous and trusted choice for consumers across the financial spectrum.

Welcome to High Risk Merchant Services, where innovation meets integrity in the realm of high-risk payment solutions. At the heart of our mission is a commitment to providing cutting-edge Zell payment solutions seamlessly integrated through APIs for your e-commerce website.

Unlock the Power of Real-Time Payments:

Experience the future of seamless transactions with our simplified API that enables your app or website to accept real-time FedNow® and Zelle® payments effortlessly. Say goodbye to delays and intermediaries, as our innovative solution allows you to automatically process chargeback-free transactions, providing a secure and efficient payment experience for your users.

Instant Access to Funds:

By integrating our API, you can bypass traditional intermediaries like Stripe and PayPal. Say hello to funds in your bank account in real-time, eliminating the need for waiting periods and delays associated with conventional payment gateways. Your business moves at the speed of technology, and so should your payment processing.

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Why Choose Real-Time FedNow® and Zelle® Integration?


Real-time transactions mean instant access to funds, promoting operational efficiency for your business.

Financial Inclusion

 Reach a broad audience by offering a payment solution that is accessible to a significant percentage of US consumers.

Chargeback-Free Security

Enjoy the added security of chargeback-free transactions, minimizing risks and ensuring a smoother financial experience.

Consumer Trust

Leverage the widespread adoption of Zelle® to build trust among your users, tapping into a payment method they know and rely on.

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